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Shipping Supplies

At Orora, we offer everything your business needs
to deliver your product to your customers

Essential Shipping Supplies Delivered

Deciding on the right shipping solutions for your business doesn’t have to be a burden. Our packaging experts work with you to determine the ideal solutions to help your products travel safely throughout shipment. We will examine each aspect of your business with a sustainability lens and suggest environmentally friendly solutions wherever applicable.

While our large inventory of stock shipping products is ready when you need it, our custom shipping supply solutions add branding opportunities to enhance your packaging and customer experience. 

Shipping Supply Solutions

Stretch Wrap

Orora offers an extensive catalog of prestretch, hand strecth, and machine grade stretch wrap films and equipment. Our packaging experts can also assist with analyzing and testing various films to help you downgauge to the highest-performing, most cost-effective and sustainable solution.

Tape & Labels

We offer custom and stock options for hand and machine grade tapes of every variety including box sealing, water activated, filament, masking, and tamper evident tapes to keep your products safe. We also source and manufacture a wide range of custom and stock labels for every application.

Strapping & Edge Protection

Orora offers polyester, polypropylene and steel strapping materials. Our proprietary TruHold™ strapping is made in the USA and ISO certified. Our Edgeshield™ edge protection offers quality corner board for superior performance. 

Mailers & Mailer Bags

We can provide custom and stock mailer envelopes and bags in a variety of substrates. Our kraft and paper-based mailers offer added branded opportunities with recyclability benefits.

Sustainable Options

Paper Tape

Paper-based water activated tape can be recycled* with the box its attached to and offers superior strength and seal. We offer both custom and stock options to fit your business needs.

HexelStretch Pallet Wrapping

This 100% paper-based stretch wrapping solution is fully-recyclable* and plastic free. It is designed specifically for pallet wrapping and offers maximum protection.


Made from 100% recycled materials, these label liners are recyclable* and solve the problem of label waste. They are also manufactured using as few natural resources as possible.

Guardian Green

Orora’s own recyclable stretch film contains 25% post-consumer resin, up to 50% post-industrial resin, and 25% virgin raw material. Through recyclers, this stretch film can be reprocessed into usable resin pallets.

*May not be recyclable in your area.

Need Shipping Supplies?

Speak with a packaging expert today to learn which shipping supplies would be the best fit for your operations and sustainability goals.