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Supply Chain Optimization

Technology and resources to improve efficiency
and performance in your supply network.

Optimize your supply chain

At Orora, our goal is to improve your supply chain efficiency, lower your overall packaging costs, and improve your visibility into your critical operations.

Our teams coordinate communications, streamline sustainable operating procedures and material usage, and train team members and third-party partners to adhere to new standards.

Whether you are a start-up or an established industry leader, Orora ensures you receive a comprehensive, total solutions approach to your supply chain management. We continually improve our internal supply chain processes to bring new, environmentally friendly solutions to our customers.  

Vendor Managed Inventory

VMI has become the preferred way of doing business for thousands of manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Orora can effectively manage and plan your production needs to improve customer satisfaction and shorten lead times. We can develop forecasting models to ensure optimal packaging supply levels and reduce waste, providing your business with a sustainable supply chain solution. 

Just In Time (JIT) Delivery

Our just-in-time delivery program provides you with product when and where you need it, releasing valuable space in your facility to be utilized more profitably. With our ability to respond quickly to changes in customer demand, we can reduce the risk of waste associated with carrying excess inventory and avoid producing unnecessary products.

Project Management & Standardization

Streamlining operations across hundreds of locations to ensure standardized materials and procedures are followed can be daunting and difficult. As a global company with local support nationally, our team can take care of this for you. We work closely with your internal team and existing suppliers to ensure complete collaboration in order to reduce inefficiencies throughout the supply chain.


Solar Commitments

In our Illinois facilities, we utilize solar energy to reduce our environmental impact in the locations we do business in. We strive to improve workflows and manufacturing processes in order to decrease energy consumption, conserve resources, and reduce idle times.  


Electrifying Our Fleet

We are continuously investing in electric forklifts in our warehouses to reduce our fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions. This allows us to pick and pack our customers’ products efficiently, while keeping the well-being of our planet in mind. We are also electrifying our fleet of semi-trucks to further reduce our carbon emissions and offer an even more sustainable supply chain solution to our customers.