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Design & Innovation

Innovative, Sustainable Packaging &
Print Design

When it comes to Circularity, design plays a pivotal role.  Our talented team of designers and engineers work with you through every stage of the process, from concept to consumer and beyond. Using a sustainability lens, our aim is to highlight your brand by creating captivating, immersive packaging and print solutions.

By integrating sustainable materials and optimizing packaging shapes, we strive to develop custom packaging that not only brings your brand to life but also reduces its environmental impact, aligning with your commitment to sustainability. 


Our Design Process



Sustainable packaging and print design research involves in-depth exploration and analysis of various aspects related to your brand and sustainable packaging, including materials, manufacturing processes, lifecycle assessments, consumer behavior, and regulatory frameworks.

Our team is dedicated to understanding the environmental impacts of different packaging materials and techniques, seeking alternatives that reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimize carbon footprints. We investigate innovative technologies to identify their viability and effectiveness.



Our team partners with you to embark on a creative journey to identify and develop sustainable design solutions through exploring various materials, technologies, and approaches that align with your budget and sustainability principles. During this phase, our designers experiment with different concepts, create to scale prototypes, evaluate their environmental impact through LCA tools, and assess their feasibility in your supply chain.



In the sustainable design refinement phase, designers focus on further developing and improving the chosen design concepts through a series of testing and enhancements. This stage involves detailed analysis and rigorous evaluation of the design’s sustainability performance. Through continuous collaboration with your team, refinement and optimization, sustainable design solutions are honed to maximize their positive impact while minimizing any negative environmental consequences.



Sustainable design implementation is the final phase in the circular design process that involves bringing the optimized design concepts into reality. This phase includes translating the design into production processes and integrating sustainability principles throughout the manufacturing, distribution, and usage phases.  

Our design team works with our manufacturing team to ensure the efficient sourcing of sustainable materials and the adoption of low-waste printing techniques. This phase also includes strategies for education and communication, raising awareness among consumers about the environmental benefits of the product and encouraging their active participation in sustainable behaviors.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Once you have finalized your sustainable design for packaging or print requirements, we seamlessly assist with the manufacturing process.

Our dedicated manufacturing and distribution team will guide you in smoothly transitioning from design to the final destination, while employing sustainable operational processes.

By leveraging our expertise and resources, we ensure that your sustainable designs are flawlessly implemented, manufactured, and efficiently distributed, adhering to environmentally responsible practices.


Orora's Sustainable Design Lab

At Orora, sustainability is at the forefront of our design philosophy and purpose. Our 20,000 sq/ft Sustainable Design Lab is a state-of-the-art research, design and ISTA testing lab focused on advancing sustainable packaging materials and technologies.

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Sustainable Design Lab & Innovation Center

Orora is proud to introduce our Sustainable Innovation Lab in Northern California, our newest design and innovation investment at Orora.

This lab will be home to extensive sustainable materials and pattern libraries, advanced 3D design, prototyping and testing of paper pulp, folding cartons, and corrugated based solutions. It will also include state-of-the-art ISTA Testing Lab for packaging qualifications and sustainable design and innovation workshops.

The Sustainable Innovation Lab represents a significant investment, propelling us forward in our quest to provide innovative, sustainable packaging solutions to our valued partners.