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Contract Packaging & Fulfillment

Fulfilling your sustainability

Partner with Orora for all your fulfillment requirements and free up time to focus on your customer experience. We can manage your B2B, B2C, and direct-to-consumer fulfillment with solutions that are customized to your business as a whole and focus on meeting your specific goals and requirements.

Our fulfillment and kitting services include:

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Assembly & Kitting

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Production & Filling


Inventory Management


Repair & Rework


Testing & Inspection


Contract Packaging

At Orora, bringing your branding and packaging to life is our specialty. We can design, produce, source, test, store, ship, and display your products in a way that’s specifically tailored to your business. With skilled resources behind us such as global locations, local sales and customer service representatives and sustainability experts, we operate as a global packaging company with an emphasis on local service. Our customizable contract packaging services will improve your bottom line, increase customer satisfaction, and enhance your brand equity.

Inventory Management

With our just-in-time delivery services, we can successfully manage the inventory of your products and product packaging both in-person and digitally to minimize waste and prohibit overproduction. We take care of ensuring we have the optimal amount of inventory in our warehouses to meet your customer needs while also using our resources, space, and time effectively. Our real-time data can provide insights into your business and ensure we are constantly operating efficiently.

Efficient Transportation


We optimize the transportation, supply chain, and delivery dates of your products to reduce emissions and fuel consumption. By consolidating shipments, packing products efficiently, and using optimized routes, we can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help you operate more sustainably. 

Sustainably Focused


Our ISO & Forest Stewardship Council certifications showcase our commitment to safe processes and environmental standards within our operations. When you partner with Orora, you can rest assured our procedures keep the well-being of our people, products, and planet in mind.


Expertise & Industry Knowledge

At Orora, sustainability is critical to how we do business. We are constantly innovating with new sustainable products, processes, and procedures and we pass along these innovations to our customers. We can guide your business to develop new sustainability strategies and help you meet your environmental goals.