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Produce Packaging

Orora provides quality, innovative solutions
for your fresh produce packaging needs.

A Fresh Approach to Produce Packaging

Our goal is to extend the shelf-life of your fresh produce and reduce food waste with our sustainable packaging products and efficient supply chain services.

Our in-house testing lab can help ensure your products are kept at the optimal temperatures to arrive at the retail stores and wholesaler locations as fresh as optimal temperatures when they arrive at the retail stores and wholesaler locations.

We offer produce packaging solutions that are tamperevident, reusable, and barrier protected to further reduce food spoilage and encourage participation in the circular economy.  


Custom Packaging Design

We understand the time-sensitive nature of your products, which is why we focus on providing you with the ideal packaging solutions that are designed to meet your product’s unique requirements. We are experts in corrugated containers, protective packaging, sustainable cushioning, modified atmosphere packaging, flexible packaging, rigid containers and more. 

Packaging Automation

We offer leading-edge automation solutions to help your business operate optimally, efficiently and cost-effectively. Our manual, semi-automatic and fully integrated packaging systems include vertical and horizonal form-fill sealers, thermoforming, vacuum sealing, tray and carton erecting, check weigh, metal detection, tray sealing, pouch machines, date coding and labeling machines. 

Supply Chain Optimization

Our experts can help optimize your supply chain to improve efficiency and reduce your total operating costs. Through vendor managed inventory, just in time delivery (JIT) and project management and standardization, we can streamline your operations. 


Habitat Top-Seal Trays

At Orora, we believe your produce deserves the best habitat possible. Because of this, we created a proprietary line of top seal produce trays called Habitat™. With a full sealing flange, increased side strength, clear display, hidden side vents and smooth edges, your produce will be well protected and well displayed in a Habitat™ top-seal tray. Our Habitat™ trays not only improve the aesthetics of your produce packaging, but they also increase shelf-life and prevent product damage, reducing the risk of spoiled produce.