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Optimizing point A to point B and beyond.

Networking is Our Specialty

Our global scale logistics network and proven expertise enable us to offer a powerful range of services to maximize efficiencies and optimize management practices. Our knowledge in packaging materials, sustainable design and efficient procedures allows us to partner closely with global logistic companies and deliver increased value.

We can adapt to your needs and efficiently scale our operations to accommodate fluctuating volumes and changing requirements. With our internal testing facilities, we can create and validate packaging solutions that protect the integrity and safety of your products. 


By optimizing shipments, utilizing renewable resources and incorporating sustainable designs, we can help your business reach its sustainability goals. We conduct sustainability audits to recommend new processes and products specifically tailored to your business.  

Emphasis on Collaboration

At Orora, we meet regularly with our customers to review successes and discuss new opportunities to ensure alignment and collaboration. With our local approach to service and focus on our customers, we are a responsive partner ready to solve your business challenges.

Supply Chain Optimization

We will closely examine your business operations and processes to find new ways to reduce material waste, streamline packaging processes and recommend more cost-effective packaging solutions. Our goal is to make your business run more efficiently without compromising quality or timeliness.