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Technology Packaging

Designing the Latest Packaging Innovations
for the Products of Tomorrow

A High-Tech Industry Deserves Custom Designed Solutions

Orora provides packaging expertise to a variety of customers in the technology industry, including original design manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers, electronic contract manufacturers and electronic assemblers. We understand your need for quality, durability and sustainability, so we create tailored solutions specifically for your business needs and environmental targets.  

As a certified packaging provider, we specialize in developing cost-effective, sustainable packaging that protects products from damage and reduces shipping costs. We stay up to date on the latest packaging trends and technologies to ensure you receive new, innovative packaging that wows your customers and improves your bottom line. With over 100 years of experience, we have the knowledge and resources to get your products safely and efficiently to market.

Electronics Packaging

Our designers specialize in creating packaging that protects delicate electronic products from moisture, static, temperature and travel through the supply chain. We create unique packaging for you that accommodates each component of your product while minimizing overall size and weight to ensure environmental friendliness and minimize freight costs.

From Design to Destination

Sustainable Packaging Design

Our talented designers develop custom, cost-effective designs that enhance product protection during transport and fulfill your unique packaging requirements. We can create packaging solutions that meet your sustainability initiatives and help you stand out throughout the retail environment.

Packaging Automation

Experience increased productivity and labor cost reduction with our process standardization and state of the art packaging equipment. Our dedicated project managers, packaging engineers and service technicians can ensure successful NPI processes and ongoing performance.

Supply Chain Optimization

Our experts can provide extensive packaging testing to ensure your product arrives safely at its destination. We offer ISTA testing including drop, shock, vibration and compression, real conditions simulations and performance evaluations against redesign specifications.

Rapid Prototyping

With our rapid prototyping capabilities and internal testing labs, we can produce a complete sample of your packaging and verify it will travel safely along your supply chain.