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Corrugated Packaging

Small to Large Scale Solutions​

At Orora, we believe that sometimes thinking inside the box can lead to exceptional results. Corrugated boxes not only provide practical protection for your products, but they contribute to your customer’s experience. What sets corrugated boxes apart is their role in the circular economy – often made from recycled content and is recyclable*. By opting for corrugated packaging, you can align your sustainability goals with the protection of your products. *May not be recyclable in your area 


Corrugated Manufacturer

Orora is an industry leader in corrugated packaging. From custom boxes and folding cartons, die cuts, corrugated sheets and liners to full lines of stock boxes, trays and displays, our design teams will partner with you to develop the total packaging solution for your needs. 

Our corrugated solutions are lightweight and efficient, while also being protective and versatile. With many regions we do business in having well-developed recycling infrastructure, a corrugated solution can be the sustainable packaging solution your customers want and your business needs. 

Stock Boxes

Stock corrugated boxes offer numerous benefits for businesses that require high-quality and cost-effective packaging. One of the key benefits of stock corrugated boxes is their durability as they are engineered to withstand rough handling, movement during shipping, and protect products against damage. Often made from recycled materials, they represent a sustainable packaging option to help companies reach their sustainability goals. Last but not least, stock corrugated boxes are readily available, making them an ideal option when you need an easy and reliable packaging solution.

Custom Boxes

Custom corrugated boxes provide a professional and visually appealing packaging solution that helps enhance brand recognition and create a memorable impression on customers. By incorporating customized logos, designs, and branding elements, these boxes can effectively communicate the unique identity and message of a company. Additionally, custom corrugated boxes can be tailored to specific product dimensions, ensuring a perfect fit and optimum protection during shipping and handling.

Corrugated Products

Stock Trays

We supply stock corrugated trays in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for whatever protection your product needs.

Fan Folds

We manufacture fan fold for internal packaging, pallet and product wraps, and more.

Die Cuts

We manufacture and offer die cut mailers, bin boxes, and more.

Tuck Top & Tuck End

We offer full lines of corrugated mailers, from tuck top to tuck end, and more.

Corrugated Sheets

We manufacture custom and stock corrugated sheets in a wide variety of sizes.

Corrugated Liners

We offer stock and custom corrugated liners for any packaging need. 


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There are a lot of options when printing on corrugated and it’s important to be educated on what fits best for your business and goals. Between digital, flexographic, litho lamination, and single face lamination, each have their own benefits, but when looking at high quality graphics, there are two processes that stand out – digital printing and litho lamination – but what is more sustainable?”

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