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Custom automotive part packaging focused
on reducing damage & cost

Solutions to Keep the World Moving

Orora is a proven leader in the automotive parts packaging industry. Our teams conduct detailed plant audits to understand your operations, identify where and why your products may be getting damaged, suggest sustainable alternatives to current packaging or processes and propose more cost-effective packaging materials and methods. 

We understand your products may be highly vulnerable to damage during transit and need extra protection. We address this by designing custom packaging that is built to the specific specifications of your product and its expected transit. Our custom structural designs enhance product protection, reduce packaging waste and utilize sustainable materials. Our custom packaging is specifically designed for the following types of products: 


  • Hoods, doors, windshields, mirrors and other auto body parts 
  • Brakes, suspension and steering 
  • Engines, transmissions, cooling and exhaust systems 
  • Interior and exterior accessories

Packaging Standardization

We partner with you and any third-party vendors to create standard operating procedures and train staff on proper packaging techniques. We provide digital tools to ensure your suppliers and third-party providers are ordering the same products nationwide.

Sustainable Packaging Design

Our packaging design experts focus on reducing over-packaging and utilize products and processes that minimize the impact on the environment. Our sustainable protective packaging solutions give your products the protection they need while also reducing your carbon footprint.


Our packaging specialists focus on creating designs that reduce damage and transportation costs. With our relentless focus on continuous improvement, we examine your business to closely identify opportunities for increased efficiencies.


Rapid Prototyping

With our rapid prototyping capabilities and internal testing labs, we can produce a complete sample of your packaging and verify it will travel safely along your supply chain. Learn more here: link to prototype page.