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Folding Cartons


Custom Folding Cartons

Orora is an industry leader in protective packaging including folding cartons. Folding Cartons are paperboard containers or displays that offer high quality visuals through the use of printing, stamping, embossing or coating.

Folding Cartons are incredibly versatile and can be made with varying shapes, styles, designs, finishes, thicknesses, and materials to help you differentiate your product from competitors. The cartons are can also be recyclable*, making them environmentally-friendly as well as cost-effective.

*may not be recyclable in your area

Folding Carton Solutions

Tuck Top

Straight Tuck End

Seal End

Rolled End Tuck Top

Reverse Tuck End

Header Cards


Beverage Tray

Auto Bottom

Snap Lock Bottom

Sustainable Options


EnviroKraft is Orora’s very own 100% recycled and FSC-Certified kraft corrugated material. Printed in-house, our EnviroKraft solutions offer you enhanced sustainability benefits without sacrificing durability or product protection. 

Circular Folding Cartons

Produced from recycled material and can be recycled, our chipboard folding cartons can be customized to your branding and offer increased product protection, while contributing to the circular economy.*

*may not be recyclable in your area

Digitally Printed Corrugated

Digitally printing directly to your corrugated boxes and cartons eliminates the need for printing plates, utilizes water-based inks, and assures its recyclability. In addition to being a sustainable solution, digital printing offers high-quality, vibrant imaging, and speed to market.


Coating & Finishes

Coating and finishes play a pivotal role in enhancing the aesthetics, durability, and overall appeal of folding cartons. We offer a wide variety of coating options including matte, gloss, and satin finishes, each offering a distinct look and feel. 

Specialized finishes such as spot UV varnish, embossing, or foil stamping can be employed to add texture, highlight specific design elements, or impart a luxurious touch. Coatings like these not only add a layer of protection but also elevate your packaging to a higher level of quality, ensuring that the packaging aligns with your product’s image and enhances the overall consumer experience.

Digital Printing & Sustainability

More and more companies are shaping strategies around sustainability – both in processes and products. For some companies, the best solution is digital printing. Interested in learning more? Read the Sustainably Packaged article here!