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Food Service

You go above and beyond for your guests,
let us go above and beyond for you.

Service Industries Deserve Custom Designed Solutions

At Orora, our seasoned professionals understand the unique needs of your business, drawing from years of experience in the food service industry. We prioritize the creation of a clean, healthy, safe, and sustainable environment, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.   

Leveraging our extensive network of domestic and international suppliers, we offer a wide array of food service products to support the seamless operation of your facilities. By controlling material costs, managing inventory efficiently, and eliminating wasteful spending, we help you maintain tight budgets.

Smart Shifts


Enhance your operational efficiency by taking advantage of our convenient inside delivery services, eliminating the time-consuming process of retrieving items from a dock door and allowing your staff to focus on more productive tasks. We stock the products to ensure that you receive essential supplies and products in a timely manner, minimizing delays and keeping your food service facilities running smoothly. Our experts can collaborate with you to develop innovative solutions that optimize stock levels, reduce storage space requirements, and improve accessibility to items.


Unlock the potential for significant savings and sustainable practices by optimizing your use of sustainable products and processes. We understand the importance of environmental responsibility in the food service industry and are committed to assisting you in making a positive impact. Our experts can collaborate with you to identify areas where product and process changes can be made to enhance both savings and sustainability. By introducing sustainable products, such as reusable packaging or food service disposables made from recycled resources, you can reduce your ecological footprint while simultaneously reaping financial benefits.

Online Order Management

Streamline your supply ordering and spend management processes with the aid of our user-friendly online tools, customized order guides, and location-specific budgets. We understand the challenges that come with managing procurement and controlling expenses in the food service industry, which is why we offer comprehensive solutions to simplify these tasks. Our online tools provide you with a convenient platform to place orders, track deliveries, and manage your inventory from the comfort of your own office. With customizable order guides, you can create pre-approved lists of essential items tailored to the specific needs of each location within your business, ensuring consistency and efficiency across the board.